Lesson 9 - Math Techniques for Adult Basic Education (ABE) Learners Illinois State Library

Why do math readiness strategies help adults learn math?

Some adult learners need to begin with the foundation. Number recognition is a foundation activity. However, number recognition activities should only be used with adult learners who do not know their numbers. Some of these math readiness activities provide hands-on experiences for tactile learners. Some of the math readiness activities provide visual cues for visual learners.

Activities such as grouping coins not only provide visual and tactile experiences, but they also incorporate real life materials into the learning experience. Furthermore, when tutors engage the learners in dialogue about math, learners understand how to talk about math problems. The process of writing numbers down encourages learners to copy numbers slowly. A common numerical error is transposing numbers. Slow, careful copying will help a learner overcome transposing.