Lesson 9 - Math Techniques for Adult Basic Education (ABE) Learners Illinois State Library

Real Life Applications of Math

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Math is in everyone's every day life. Adult learners need to be able to apply the skills they are learning to their lives. Think about all the real life applications that can be used to teach math.

For example, you could use the example of remodeling a home to illustrate math concepts. You need to use a great deal of math if you want to remodel a home. You have to use the newspaper to compare prices on the items you will need from local hardware or home improvement stores. You have to get samples of wallpaper, paint, carpet, etc. You will need to know the measurements of the rooms you are remodeling to know how much wallpaper, paint and carpet to buy. Remodeling is a great tool to use to teach area and perimeter. You can use house plans found in magazines to make your lessons realistic.

Other Real Life Applications of Math

Use the authentic materials that math learners need help with. Ask the learner what items they need to understand at work or at home. Have them bring in the math related items about which they have questions. You might see phone bills, bank statements, their children's homework, or medical insurance claim information. Use these materials as teaching tools.