Lesson 6: Answers Illinois State Library

1. How do I decide which instructional materials and methods are appropriate?
Once you have been placed with an adult learner, the literacy coordinator will help you select appropriate materials for tutoring based on the needs and interests of the learner. Materials will also be selected based on the skill level of the learner and the learner's goals. Your literacy coordinator will be available to help you plan your instructional techniques. However, the information contained in the following lessons will guide you through specific strategies, methods and resources.

2. Where do I go for additional support?
Once you have been placed with your adult learner and the literacy coordinator has facilitated the initial meeting, you and your student will begin the tutoring process. Your volunteer literacy coordinator will not be attending your tutoring sessions, but IS available for support and questions. Although they will be making regular contact with you to offer support - you may contact them AT ANY TIME for assistance. They are available to offer more suggestions, assist with additional material selections, and provide information on additional instructional strategies. Furthermore, literacy trainers will offer additional and advanced tutor training throughout the year. Attend as many trainings as you can. These trainings will help you develop a stronger connection to other volunteers and enhance your literacy tutoring knowledge and skills.