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Integrated Curriculum

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Literacy development occurs at a higher level if the skills taught are connected to an overall topic.
When working with adults, using a central topic - or theme - creates an environment that increases learning. This is called an integrated curriculum. Integrated curriculum is teaching using relevant materials that connect to each other and to the real world. Integrated curriculum focuses on thematic units where the content is relevant and the adult learners prior knowledge is used. Integrated teaching shows the learner that learning concepts are connected. Building on the adult's interests, an integrated curriculum teaches skills in meaningful contexts. Integrated teaching offers the tutor an organized device to use in planning lessons.

Read more about "Curriculum Development" from Focus on Basics (Sept. 2003). Focus on Basics is the quarterly publication of the National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy.

From the following statements, select the "true" concepts for teaching integrated lessons.

All of the above statements are true. Integrated curriculum is learner centered. It gives tutors a tool to allow adult learners to find meaning in their educational experience and to relate newly acquired skills to their lives.