Lesson 3: Answers Illinois State Library

1. What is the relationship between the volunteer literacy program and the adult learner?
Adult volunteer literacy programs provide educational services that are designed to help adult learners improve their basic reading, math, writing and/or English language skills. The adult volunteer literacy programs provide a team of educators consisting of volunteer tutors, literacy coordinators, and administrators who are committed to the process of assisting the adult learner's education. On the other hand, the adult learner commits to attending tutoring sessions, completing assignments and working with the tutor to increase their educational achievements.

2. What is my relationship with the adult learner?
Tutors serve as facilitators for the adult learner's education. This facilitation process involves several steps. As facilitators, tutors must appropriately and effectively motivate learners, assist learners in setting realistic goals, and use teaching strategies that will aid the adult learner in reaching those goals. Tutors involve learners in the process of creating learning objectives. Tutors and learners develop a relationship built on mutual trust and respect. Tutors provide instructional sessions that advance the adult learner's educational achievements. Tutors give the adult learners appropriate feedback on their progress. Throughout this process, tutors remain culturally sensitive to the various needs of the adult learner.