Lesson 2.1: Answers Illinois State Library

1. What expectations do adult literacy programs have of volunteer tutors?
Adult literacy programs have a few basic expectations of adult literacy volunteer tutors. When the adult literacy volunteer tutor meets these expectations, literacy agencies can run effective programs that meet the needs of the adult learner, the volunteer tutor and the community. Literacy agencies expect volunteer tutors to complete the required adult literacy volunteer tutor trainings and continue to advance their skills with supplemental in-service training provided by the literacy program agency. The agencies require that volunteer tutors maintain regular communication with the literacy program agency and provide necessary information for the adult literacy program reports.

2. What are my responsibilities to my adult learner?
As a volunteer literacy tutor, you have responsibilities to your adult learner. One of the most important responsibilities is to develop a variety of strategies to use in the tutoring / learning process through participating in adult literacy tutor training. You are also responsible to consider the learner's needs and integrate those needs with the tutoring process. As the tutor, you will need to set the tasks for each session and have appropriate materials ready so the tutoring session will be productive for the adult learner. Your responsibilities also include working with the adult learner's existing strengths and building a partnership between you, (the adult literacy volunteer tutor), the adult learner, and the supporting adult literacy agency.