Lesson 10 - Tutoring English Language Learners Illinois State Library

Integrating Role-playing in Tutor-Learner Discussions

Petya needs to improve her English skills in order to maintain her employment at a local hotel. During tutoring sessions, Margo, her tutor, uses words Petya needs to say at the hotel. They role-play with the tutor pretending to be a hotel guest who wants to know when breakfast is or how to get extra towels. Because some vocabulary words that Petya needs to learn, like "reservation," are not part of Petya's life outside of work, framing their discussion into role-play gives Petya an opportunity to use her "work" language. Margo gives Petya time to pronounce the words slowly. Margo watches her own speech to ensure that Petya is the one doing most of the talking. Petya practices the words and sentences that are relevant to the conversations she needs to have. Their sessions are filled with verbal interactions.

This tutor is aware that using discussion is essential.