The MARC of Quality: Online Catalog Accuracy Illinois State Library

Purpose and Outcomes

The Local Library Automation System Programs (LLSAP) streamline member libraries' cataloging responsibilities by outsourcing database maintenance to The MARC of Quality (TMQ), a data processing service based in Florida. The combined LLSAP catalog records are updated in batchloads which electronically cleans up substandard records and combines duplicate records; an efficient means to ensure the accuracy of cataloging to improve users’ search experience.

As a result of TMQ activities, access is improved for library users to discover the resources of Illinois' LLSAP libraries and increase the potential for worldwide resource sharing.

Range of Awards

Eligible Applicants

Application and Reporting Forms

TMQ grant applications are being offered in advance of the provision of the state budget for fiscal year (FY) 2019. The Illinois State Library makes grant applications available so that award notification may be released when legislative and gubernatorial approval of an FY 2019 appropriation is made. Obligations to fund this grant program will cease immediately without penalty or further payment being required if the Illinois General Assembly or the federal funding source fails to appropriate or otherwise make available sufficient funds.

Legal Authority

Program Impact in FY 2018

Number of Grants Awarded

During FY 2017, 893,530 records were added to the LLSAP catalogs statewide making them discoverable to the public, and 1,341,233 duplicate records were deleted.


For more information about the TMQ grant, please call 217-782-7749 or email