Delivery Service Statistics Illinois State Library

FY2016 Delivery Statistics

During FY2016, both Illinois Heartland Library System (IHLS) and Reaching Across Illinois Library System (RAILS) provided data to the service center level on a quarterly basis. These numbers were used to calculate an estimated daily delivery level for each of the systems and those were extrapolated into approximate annual statistics. Illinois Library Delivery Service (ILDS) provided actual data on a monthly basis. Approximated system numbers were combined with the actual delivery data from ILDS to create a reliable picture of delivery statewide.

Delivery Totals


Calculated from the sample data, IHLS delivered approximately 2.5 million items and RAILS delivered approximately 9.2 million items. ILDS delivered 2,235,626 items in FY2016. Total statewide delivery in FY2016 was approximately 14,000,000 items. This is a reduction from approximately 15.6 million items delivered in FY2015. However, some discrepancies in the IHLS statistics for the first quarter of FY2015 artificially inflated the FY2015 statistics. Accounting for the error corrects the estimated FY2015 count to 14.7 million items.

Statewide Resource Sharing


Slightly more than 43% of the ILDS backbone delivery volume represents items transported between the 10 system service centers, with the remainder being delivery to ILDS direct stops (primarily academic libraries). Inter-system delivery, as a measure of resource sharing, is very modest. 0.03% of ILDS delivery represents items moving from the three IHLS service centers to the seven RAILS service centers and 0.1% of ILDS delivery represents items moving from RAILS service centers to IHLS service centers.

Longitudinal Data


The majority of service centers remained approximately level with their previous year volumes. The DuQuoin, Burr Ridge and Wheeling service centers showed large volume variances mainly due to changes implemented in delivery services. As of September 2016, the DuQuoin service center was shifted to Carbondale, Illinois.