Illinois Library Delivery Service Map Illinois State Library

Background and History

The interactive delivery map was created to provide a graphic representation of the structure of the physical delivery of library materials in support of resource sharing in Illinois. Each library in Illinois that receives delivery is identified by a colored flag that denotes the frequency of delivery at that location. The data for the map were drawn from the L2: Library Learning database. The data in the statewide delivery map are from January 2016.

Not every Illinois library is represented by a flag on the map. Over 520 libraries participate in Community Delivery Partnerships (CDP). The flag on the map indicates where a delivery is actually made and how often. If you click on the flag of a library that acts as the host for a CDP, all of the libraries that receive their delivery at that location will be listed in the pop-up box. For example, if you click on the red flag (5 day delivery) for the Mason City Public Library District, you will see that the Illini Central CUSD #189 is a delivery partner. The delivery partners receive the same delivery frequency as the host. View Libraries Participating in CDPs.

Link to Interactive Illinois Library Delivery Service Map