Hard Times in Illinois, 1930–1940
A Selection of Documents from the Illinois State Archives

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April 2, 1935


The Herrin Township High School District suffered a total deficit of $65,374 as of March 22, 1935. For the period March 22-September 1, 1935 anticipated revenues were estimated not to exceed $51,026. The governor's administrative assistant responded to Mr. Eckert's letter on April 3. He wrote that legislation was being written to provide for an education commission to investigate means by which school districts could meet their obligations. He could not, however, as of April 3 provide an estimate of the amount of state aid the Herrin district could anticipate.

Upon the recommendation of the Illinois Education Commission a law was approved on November 22, 1935 which provided a working cash fund for public schools. Local boards of education with the consent of city councils could issue twenty-year revenue bonds with an annual interest rate of four percent. The school district's voters were not required to approve these bond issuances.

The state provided $13,000,000 to aid public schools statewide in 1935.

Points to Consider

What was Eugene C. Eckert asking Alexander Wilson to provide?

Locate Herrin on a map.

In what circumstance did the Herrin Township High School find itself in 1935?

What caused that circumstance?

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