Hard Times in Illinois, 1930–1940
A Selection of Documents from the Illinois State Archives

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March 11, 1935

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The Rural Rehabilitation Corporation (RRC) of the Federal Emergency Relief Administration on March 8, 1935 rejected the "Supervised Agricultural Community Project" proposed by the Greene County Emergency Relief Committee. The proposal had requested $245,179.11 to purchase apple orchard and other farm lands, purchase equipment and livestock, and provide for the first year's operating expenses. The plan was to take one hundred Greene County relief recipients and put them to work growing apples for wholesale markets. Salaried supervisors were to oversee operations which were to be administered by the Rural Rehabilitation Corporation. It was estimated that after one year in operation losses would total $2,093 but thereafter the community would be self-supporting. Once implemented the plan was projected to save the Greene County relief organization nearly $40,000 a year.

The RRC had rejected the proposal because there was no guaranteed market for the apples and the corporation had no desire to be in the apple business anyway. Mr. Crabtree's letter served to reassure RRC officials.

Points to Consider

What was C. P. Crabtree asking Governor Horner to do?

Locate Hillview on a map.

How did Mr. Crabtree think that Greene County relief recipients could have been more usefully employed?

Would it have been fair for the federal government to have competed with Greene County apple growers?

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