Chicago City Council Proceedings Files, 1833–1871 — Thesaurus Illinois State Archives


W.F. Dominick and Company
W.F. Hunt and Company
W.H. Swett and Company
W.H. Young and Company
W.P. Swift and Company
Wabansia Ave.
Wabash Ave.
Wabash Railroad
Wabash St.
Wachenheimer, Jacob
Wacker, D.
Wade St.
Wadhams, Seth
Wadsworth, D.
Wadsworth, E.S.
Wadsworth, Elisha S.
Wadsworth, James
Wadsworth, Julius
Wadsworth, Strong
Wadsworth, T.W.
Wadsworth, Tertius
Wadworth, James
Wagenfuehr, Ferdinand
Wagner, George W.
Wagner, Gustav Adolph
Wagner, Sophia
Wagner, Theodore
Wagner, William
Wahe, H.
Wahl, Christian
Wahl, Louis
Wahler, Lewis
Wahpanseh Ave.
Wait, C.B.
Wait, John F.
Waite, C.B.
Waite, H.F.
Waite, L.F.
Walbaum, Caroline
Walden, William
Waldron, Mary
Walington, C.F.
Walker and Day
Walker and Merritt
Walker, A.E.
Walker, Almore
Walker, Benjamin F.
Walker, C.
Walker, Charles
Walker, Dunlap and Co.
Walker, Francis H.
Walker, Frank
Walker, G.E.
Walker, George C.
Walker, H.
Walker, James
Walker, James B.
Walker, Jesse
Walker, Jonas
Walker, M.O.
Walker, Martin
Walker, Rebecca
Walker, S.B.
Walker, S.P.
Walker, W.F.
Walker, W.F. (Rev.)
Walker, W.J.
Walker, William
Wall, Charles
Wall, William
Wallace and Smith
Wallace St.
Wallace, John
Wallace, John S.
Wallace, R.H.
Wallace, Richard G.
Wallace, Richard W.
Wallace, William
Wallach, A.
Wallach, E.
Wallbaum, Caroline
Wallenborn, Peter
Waller St.
Waller, Henry
Wallis, William
Wallwork, John
Walnut St.
Walsh St.
Walsh, Daniel
Walsh, David
Walsh, Denis
Walsh, James
Walsh, John
Walsh, John C.
Walsh, Maurice
Walsh, Patrick
Walsh, Peter
Walsh, Theophilus A.
Walsh, Thomas
Walsh, William
Walter, Casper
Walter, Joel C.
Walter, Lorns
Walther, Charles
Walton, N.C.
Walworth, Reuben
War Fund
Ward's Rolling Mill
Ward, Bernard
Ward, Cyrus L.
Ward, D.M.
Ward, E.
Ward, Eben B.
Ward, Ephraim
Ward, Ester
Ward, Horace
Ward, J.C.
Ward, James
Ward, Jasper D. Ward, John
Ward, Michael
Ward, Neil
Ward, Samuel
Ward, Samuel D.
Ware, Joseph E.
Warlich, Louis
Warner's Hall
Warner, A.M.
Warner, Charles A.
Warner, Harry
Warner, Mary E.
Warner, Reuben
Warner, S.
Warner, S.P.
Warren and Brothers Co.
Warren Ave.
Warren St.
Warren, Darwin C.
Warren, George R.
Warren, Mary A.
Warren, William
Warwick, John
Washington Ave.
Washington Battalion
Washington Coffeehouse
Washington Monument
Washington Place
Washington Regiment
Washington Square
Washington St.
Washington's Birthday
Washington, D.C.
Washingtonian Home
Watch Houses
Water Commissioners
Water Lines
Water St.
Waterford, Connecticut
Waterford, New York
Waterhouse, H.
Waterhouse, L. Waterman, A.
Waterman, L.B.
Watkins, D.
Watkins, Thomas
Watkins, V.D.
Watson, Dan A.
Watson, J.
Watson, J.M.
Watson, James
Watson, John
Watson, William
Waugh's Panorama
Waugh, James
Waughop, John W.
Waukegan, Illinois
Waverly Boat Club
Wayman St.
Wayman, William
Weadly and Company
Wearing, E. (Mrs.)
Weather Vanes
Weaver, Elisha (Rev.)
Webb and Wells
Webb, William
Webbenmeyer, Martin
Webber, E.A.
Webber, N.
Webber, Nathan
Webber, Nathaniel
Weber, Abraham
Weber, C.H.
Weber, John C.
Weber, M.S.
Weber, P.
Webster Ave.
Webster Place
Webster, Charles F.
Webster, Daniel
Webster, Hosea
Webster, John
Webster, Joseph D.
Webster, Thomas
Webster, William
Weckler, John
Weed St.
Weedon, John
Wehrli, Frederick
Wehrli, Rudolph
Weide's Bridge Gate
Weidinger, Michael
Weidmann, Anton
Weierman, Isaac M.
Weights and Measures
Weiler, Theodore
Weimer, Christoph
Weimer, William
Weingert, Solomon
Weir, John B.
Weir, Joseph
Weisner, Joseph
Weisrack, Nicolas
Welch and Launder
Welch Church
Welch, Benjamin
Welch, Daniel
Welch, Ellen
Welch, James
Welch, Patrick
Welch, R.M.
Welch, Thomas
Welch, William
Weld, J.G.
Weldon, James
Welesh, Patrick
Weller, George
Weller, John
Wellmann, Henry
Wells St.
Wells, E.S.
Wells, H.
Wells, H.G.
Wells, Walter H.
Wells, William H.
Welsh, Patrick
Wemple, Andrew
Wendell St.
Wendt, George
Wendt, Henry
Wenk, Henry
Wentworth and Bradley
Wentworth Ave.
Wentworth, D.S.
Wentworth, George W.
Wentworth, John
Wentworth, W.F.
Wernick, William
Wesencraft, Charles
Wesencraft, William
Wespi, Franz
Wesson St.
West Chicago School Union
West Chicago, Illinois
West Water St.
West, Charles
West, William
Western Ave.
Western Emigration Agency
Western Hotel
Western Museum
Western Union Telegraph
Weston, Nathan
Westphal, Carl
Wetherbee, E.
Whalen, John
Wharfing Agents
Wheelan, M.
Wheeler and Stewart
Wheeler, A.B.
Wheeler, Andrew B.
Wheeler, C.H.
Wheeler, C.T.
Wheeler, G.W.
Wheeler, H.
Wheeler, Hiram
Wheeler, Hiram C.
Wheeler, W.
Wheeler, William
Wheelock, P.
Whiskey Point Road
Whitaker, G.S.
Whitaker, Mary
Whitcomb, Hooker and Co.
Whitcomb, James
Whitcomb, T.
Whitcomb, William
White and Caven
White St.
White, A.
White, Alex
White, Bridget
White, Charles
White, Daniel T.
White, George
White, Lewis
White, Michael
White, William
White, William G.
Whitheck, J.
Whiting St.
Whiting, W.L.
Whitlock, Charles
Whitlock, Thomas
Whitman, Dicky
Whitman, Monroe
Whitman, Seth S.
Whitney St.
Whitney, D.
Whitney, Lewis
Whitney, William
Whittaker, Mary
Wholtey, Eli
Whyte, Alexander
Whyte, Thomas
Wibben, Henry
Wichman, C.
Wicker Park
Wicker, C.
Wicker, C.G.
Wicker, C.J.
Wicker, Charles G.
Wickersham's St. Clean Co
Widelski, Moses
Widows and Orphans Fund
Wieland St.
Wiencha, W.
Wier, J.B.
Wife Abuse
Wiggins, Patrick
Wiggins, William
Wight, J.A.
Wightman, Riley V.
Wilce, Thomas
Wilcox Ave.
Wilcox Lyon and Company
Wilcox St.
Wilcox, Anna M.
Wilcox, C.C.
Wilcox, E.
Wilde, Joseph, Jr.
Wilder, A.G.
Wilder, B.
Wilder, Benjamin
Wilder, Jacob
Wilder, N.P.
Wiley, Calvin
Wiley, Edward
Willard and Peek
Willard Place
Willard, A.J.
Willard, Charles
Willard, David E.
Willard, E.H.
Willard, E.W.
Willard, J.P.
Willard, L.A.
Willard, Lucius G.
Willard, Samuel
Willey, Calvin
William A. Hendrie and Co
William M. Ross and Co.
William St.
William Wheeler and Co.
Williams and Brother
Williams, Amasa
Williams, Arthur
Williams, E.B.
Williams, Eli B.
Williams, Erastus S.
Williams, Henry R.
Williams, Isaiah H.
Williams, J.H.
Williams, J.M.
Williams, Jacob
Williams, John
Williams, John S.
Williams, Mary
Williams, Moses
Williams, Norman, Jr.
Williams, Ole
Williams, R.A.
Williams, S.H.
Williams, Samuel
Williams, Sidney
Williamson, Charles
Williamson, J.
Willie, Charles
Willis, Robert
Willow St.
Wills, Solomon
Willson, Solomon W.
Wilmarth, Henry M.
Wilmot St.
Wilson and Freer
Wilson St.
Wilson, C.
Wilson, C.L.
Wilson, Charles L.
Wilson, Charles S.
Wilson, David
Wilson, Elijah
Wilson, Frederick R.
Wilson, George W.
Wilson, H.
Wilson, H.O.
Wilson, Henry
Wilson, James
Wilson, Jane
Wilson, John
Wilson, John C.
Wilson, John M.
Wilson, Joseph
Wilson, 0.
Wilson, R.
Wilson, Raner
Wilson, S.M.
Wilson, T.D.
Wilson, T.O.
Wilson, Thomas
Wilson, William
Wiltsee, Simon
Wilzey, Erasmus
Winans and Company
Winchester Ave.
Winchester St.
Windsor, Samuel
Wine St.
Wing, A.R.
Winkelman, John C.
Winkleman, Heinrich
Winne, William
Winship, James
Winship, Joseph
Winslow, H.J.
Winter, Joseph
Winterburn, Edwin
Winters, John B.
Wisconsin St.
Wisenmeyer, Henry
Wisner, Albert
Witbeck, H.
Witbeck, Henry
Witheek, Henry
Witkowsky, David
Witte, P.H.
Wolcott St.
Wolcott, Alexander
Wolf, Benjamin
Wolf, George
Wolf, Louis
Wolf, Peter
Wolff, S.
Wolfner, Isaac
Wolter, Edward
Woltz, John
Women's Home
Wood Shavings
Wood St.
Wood, A.C.
Wood, D.
Wood, Daniel T.
Wood, David
Wood, David T.
Wood, N.H.
Wood, N.W.
Wood, P.P.
Wood, R.D.
Wood, S.R.
Wood, Thomas R.
Wood, Willard
Woodard, W.
Woodard, Willard
Woodbury, W.H.
Woodbury, W.S.
Wooden Blocks
Woodland Park
Woodman, Charles L.
Woodruff, John A.
Woodruff, William
Woods, D.T.
Woods, Daniel B.
Woodson, William
Woodstock, Illinois
Woodward, George
Woodward, W.
Woodward, Willard
Woodwerth, J.H.
Woodworth, B.
Woodworth, J.H.
Woodworth, J.W.
Woodworth, James H.
Woolen Manufacturers Ass.
Wooster and Harmon
Worden, Benjamin B.
Wordsworth, Elijah
Wortabit, G.M.
Worth, John
Worthingham, William
Wraight, Thomas
Wright and Currier
Wright and Medill
Wright Brothers
Wright Place
Wright St.
Wright, Amasa
Wright, Andrew J.
Wright, Edward
Wright, H.
Wright, H. (Mrs.)
Wright, J.A.
Wright, J.S.
Wright, James
Wright, John
Wright, John S.
Wright, John W.
Wright, L.P.
Wright, Levi
Wright, R.C.
Wright, R.S.
Wright, Seneca
Wright, T.
Wright, T.G.
Wright, Thomas
Wright, Timothy
Wright, Walter
Wrong St.
Wunderle, Louis
Wurfler, Frederick
Wurfler, Friedrich
Wurts, Hatch and Company
Wyler, Timothy
Wylie, David
Wyllie, Andrew A.