Chicago City Council Proceedings Files, 1833–1871 – Thesaurus Illinois State Archives


J. Beidler Brothers Co.
J. Clark and Son
J.C. Scales and Company
J.H. Gray and Company
J.K. Botsford and Co.
J.S. Morris and Son
Jackson and Shapley
Jackson St.
Jackson, A.H.
Jackson, Andrew
Jackson, Charles
Jackson, Cyrus
Jackson, E.
Jackson, J.W.
Jackson, John
Jackson, John W.
Jackson, Matthew
Jackson, Nathan
Jackson, 0.
Jackson, Obadiah
Jackson, Samuel
Jackson, Thomas T.
Jackson, William H.
Jacob, Louis
Jacobi, Helen R.
Jacobs, B.
Jacobs, J.
Jacobs, Thomas
Jacobus, A.L.
Jacobus, D.
Jacoby, J.C.
Jacoby, Peter
Jaeger, Augustus
Jager, Joseph
Jahns, Henry
Jail Inspectors
James and Springer
James Peck and Company
James Smith and Company
James, Hannah
James, J.L.
James, J.S.
James, Thomas C.
James, William
Jamison, Louis T. (Capt.)
Jansen, Charles T.
Jarneke, William
Jaursch, F.
Jaworski, Thomas
Jay, Hiram
Jefferson Park
Jefferson Square
Jefferson St.
Jefferson St. Methodist C
Jefferson, Illinois
Jeffreys, Charles
Jelanick, Aaron
Jelenick, Aaron
Jelonick, Aaron
Jenen, Matthias
Jenkins, Mary
Jenks, C.L.
Jenks, Chancellor L.
Jennings, David
Jennings, Edward
Jennings, J.C.
Jennings, J.D.
Jennings, John B.
Jennings, John D.
Jennings, S.H.
Jersey, New Jersey
Jewell, P.
Jewish Hospital
Jillson, Amos E.
Joel Ellis and Company
Joel, Elias
John Armstrong
John Clark and Son
John McBean and Company
John Miller and Co.
John Reid and Company
John S. Wallace and Co.
John St.
Johns Place
Johns, Catherine
Johnson and Shepherd
Johnson Court
Johnson Patent Gas Burner
Johnson St.
Johnson, A.
Johnson, A.B.
Johnson, Andrew
Johnson, Benjamin
Johnson, C.
Johnson, Charles S.
Johnson, Christopher
Johnson, D.C.
Johnson, E.
Johnson, Francis M.
Johnson. Frank
Johnson, Hosmer A.
Johnson, J.B.
Johnson, J.M.
Johnson, James L.
Johnson, John
Johnson, John R.
Johnson, Jonas
Johnson, Joseph
Johnson, Lathrop
Johnson. Mary
Johnson, Peter
Johnson, R.S.
Johnson, Sanford
Johnson, Seth
Johnson, W.S.
Johnson, William
Johnston Court
Johnston St.
Johnston, F.
Johnston, James
Johnston, John M.
Johnston, Mary
Johnston, Samuel
Johnston, W.S.
Johnston, William
Johnston, William S.
Johnstone, Frank
Joice, Michael
Joliet, Illinois
Jones and Company
Jones and Gifford
Jones and Patrick
Jones, Amos
Jones, Benjamin
Jones, Catherine
Jones, Cyrus R.
Jones, F.
Jones, Fernando
Jones, John
Jones, John A.
Jones, John M.
Jones, Loren
Jones, R.D.
Jones, Tarleton
Jones, W.E.
Jones, W.P.
Jones, William
Jordan, C.H.
Jordan, I.J.
Jordan, W.H.
Jordon, Peter
Jorgenson, Adolph
Joseph St.
Josephine St.
Joy and Frisbie
Joy, Hiram
Joyce, Michael
Joyce, Thomas
Judd and Wilson
Judd St.
Judd, Ira
Judd, J.
Judd, J.B.
Judd, N.B.
Judd, Norman B.
Judson, E.
Junior Lyceum
Junk Dealers
Justice, F.M.
Justice, William
Juvenile Delinquents