Chicago City Council Proceedings Files, 1833–1871 – Thesaurus Illinois State Archives


G.C. Hobby and Company
G.F. Foster and Company
G.S. Hubbard and Company
G.T. Belding and Company
Gabel, Peter
Gable, Peter
Gabler, Frederick
Gabriel, Franz
Gadding and Fuller
Gage and Haines
Gage Brothers
Gage St.
Gage, Asahal
Gage, Asahel
Gage, Daniel A.
Gage, David A.
Gage, George M.
Gage, George W.
Gage, H.
Gage, Jared
Gage, John
Gage, Joseph
Gage, Leonard
Gagemann, Jacob
Gager, John
Gagwin, H.A.
Gaines, Asa
Galaway, Richard
Gale, A.
Gale, Abram
Gale, Edward H.
Gale, S.F.
Gale, Stephen
Gale, Stephen F.
Galena, Illinois
Gales, George
Gallager, John
Gallagher, Francis
Gallagher, James
Gallagher, John
Gallagher, Mary Ann
Gallagher, Pat
Gallagher, Patrick
Gallagher, Thomas
Gallagher, William
Gallaher, John
Galligan, Patrick
Gallilee, Michael
Gallily, Mary
Galloway, N.J.
Galusha, S.B.
Galvin, James
Galvin, Michael
Galvin, Patrick
Gamble, William
Ganey, Jeremiah
Gannon, Patrick
Gano St.
Garden City Band
Garden City Rifle Corps
Garden of Eden
Gardiner, F.B.
Gardiner, G.W.
Gardiner, J.R.
Gardner and Fisher
Gardner St.
Gardner, F.B.
Gardner, F.S.
Gardner, G.W.
Gardner, John D.
Gardner, Samuel S.
Garfield, A.G.
Garibaldi St.
Garland, J.C.
Garland, John
Garland, John C.
Garland, John G.
Garret, Augustus
Garrett Biblical Inst.
Garrett, A.
Garrett, Augustus
Garrett, Eliza
Garrison, Andrew
Garrity, Patrick
Gartner, Henry
Gary, Joseph E.
Gas Lights
Gas Meter Inspectors
Gas Meters
Gaskell, Thomas
Gassford, G. (Mrs.)
Gastfield, William
Gates and McKnight
Gates, Caleb F.
Gates. H.E.
Gates, P.W.
Gaule, Henry
Gavagan, Margaret
Gavin, Michael
Gaylord, Horace 0.
Geary, David
Geary, John
Geckler, Henry
Geer, 0.F.
Geering, Caspar
Geering, Casper
Geis, Ignazt
Geist, Franklin
Gelch, John
Gem of the Prairie
General Assemblies
Gensch, Frederick
Geohring, A.S.
George Lee and Company
George Smith and Company
George St.
George, John
George, Thomas
Geraty, Patrick
Gerber, August
Gerber, John Louis
Gerhardt, Catherine
Germain, George H.
Germain, Lewis J.
Germaine, Lewis
German Benevolent Society
German Church
German Emigrant Aid Soc.
German Evangelical Assoc.
German Evangelical Church
German Laboring Assoc.
German Social Laborers S.
German Theatre Assoc.
German Union
German Washington Yagers
German Workingmen's Ass.
Germania Musical Society
Gettner, Martha
Gettysburg Cemetery
Getzler, A.
Ghast, Daniel
Gibbons, Miles
Gibbons, Patrick
Gibbs, Aaron
Gibbs, George
Gibbs, Griffin and Co.
Gibson, Chase and Company
Gibson, David
Gierke Carl
Giescke, Henry
Gifford, N.C.
Gilbert Library
Gilbert, Ashley
Gilbert, J.F.
Gilbert, Linda
Gilbert, Ludwig
Gilbert, S.H.
Gilbert, S.W.
Gilbert, Samuel H.
Gilded Flames
Giles Brothers and Co.
Giles, Evans and Co.
Giles, William
Gill, Bolivar G.
Gill, Edmund
Gillen, M.M.
Gillen, Michael
Gillespie, David
Gillet, P.W.
Gillon, Michael
Gilman, M.D.
Gilmartin, Thomas
Gilmore, William
Gindele, John G.
Ginley, Hanora
Ginsberg, Louis
Giske, August
Giskes, Joseph
Gisset, Louis
Gisske, August
Glade, Herman 0.
Glass, James
Glass, Peter
Glassford, Hugh
Gleason, M.B.
Gleeson, M.
Gleeson, Michael
Gleeson, Michael (Capt.)
Glick, Philip
Glissman, Ernst
Gloster, Thomas
Glover, Samuel
Glumer, Charles
Glynn, James
Glynn, Patrick
Gobbin, Matilda G.
Goddard, Ira
Godfrey, Robert
Godwin, Enoch
Godwin, Henry
Goethe St.
Goetz, William
Goforth, Aaron
Goggin, James
Goggin, Patrick
Gold Rush
Gold St.
Golden, John
Goldenburg, J.
Goldie, William
Golding, John
Goldman, Isaac
Goldman, Lewis
Goldsmith, H.
Goldsmith, Morris
Goldstein, Morris
Golsen, William S.
Gondring, John
Goodall, George
Goode and Richardson
Goodheart, Gustavus A. 
Goodhue, J.C.
Goodman, James
Goodman, Joseph
Goodrich Transport Co. 
Goodrich, A.
Goodrich, D.
Goodrich, E.
Goodrich, Grant
Goodrich, R.E.
Goodwin, Henry M.
Goodwin, L.
Goodwin, R.
Goodyear, C.B.
Goold, Nathaniel
Gorch, R.J.
Gorman, Daniel
Gorman, James
Gorman, John
Gorshe, John
Goss and Hoag
Goss and Phillips
Gottselig, Mark
Gouch, F.
Gould Brothers
Gould, Edwin
Gould, John
Gould, Nathaniel
Grace Church
Grace Methodist Episcopal
Grace St.
Grade Markers
Grady, Clancy and Hines
Grady, Michael
Graffmiller, Christian
Grafton, W.R.
Graham, J.D. (Col.)
Graham, James
Graham, Joseph N.
Graig, George
Grain Elevators
Graland, Samuel
Grand Ave.
Grand Haven Slip
Grand Haven St.
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Graner, Wilhelm
Granger and Company
Granger Brothers
Granger St.
Granger, E.
Granger, Elihu
Granger, W.
Granger, W.B.
Granger, W.J.
Grannis, Amos
Grannis, Robert N.
Grannis, Samuel
Grannis, Samuel W.
Grant Place
Grant, J.C.
Grant, J.J.
Grant, James
Grant, Michael
Grant. Patrick
Grant, U.S. (Gen.)
Grantham, Julia
Grants, Michael
Grasser, John
Graves, R.M.
Gray, Charles M.
Gray, George M.
Gray, J.
Gray, J.H.
Gray, J.L.
Gray, John
Gray, John L.
Gray, John S.
Gray, Phelp and Co.
Gray, S.B.
Gray, W.B.H.
Great Britain
Great Eastern Railroad
Great Northern Am. Circus
Great Southern Railroad
Great Western Band
Greeley, Horace
Greeley, Sam
Greeley, Samuel S.
Greely, Michael
Greely, Samuel S.
Green and Holden
Green Bay Road
Green Bay St.
Green St.
Green, H.R.
Green, Mark T.
Green, Martin
Green, Nelson
Green, Peter
Green, Russell
Green, Sidney
Green, Walter B.
Green, William H.
Green, William R.
Greenbaum, E.
Greenbaum, Henry
Greene, Thomas R.
Greene, Walter R.
Greenebaum, E.
Greenebaum, Elias
Greenwood and Bloom
Greer, Samuel
Gregin, Michael
Gregory and Bandon
Gregory, Charles A.
Gregory, Edward M.
Gregory, J.A.
Gregsten, Samuel
Grey, Charles F.
Gridley, H.L.
Grier, John
Grier, Samuel
Griffin, C.H.
Griffin, Didanna
Griffith, David
Grimm, Edward
Griswald, C.
Griswold St.
Grizzly Bears
Groeling, Albert
Groff, Peter
Grogan, Christopher
Grommes and Ulrich
Gross, Jacob
Grosvener, Thomas W.
Grove St.
Grove, D.D.
Grovenor, Thomas W.
Grover, John
Groves, D.F.
Groves, William A.
Grow, Daniel D.
Growse, Sebastian
Grubb and Company
Grubb, George
Guards of Liberty
Gueren, Timothy
Guerin, John
Guglialman, Joseph
Guidele, J.G.
Guilford, R.M.
Gullackson, Ole
Gund, Frederick
Gunn, William
Gunter, John F.
Gurley St.
Gurley, Jason
Gurley, John A.
Gurnee and Matteson
Gurnee St.
Gurnee, Hayden and Co.
Gurnee, Walter S.
Gurney, Robert H.
Gurr, John R.
Gurr, Sarah
Guryerick, John
Guster, John
Guthrie, Alfred
Guthrie, Ossian
Guthrie, S.
Guthrie, Wardell