Chicago City Council Proceedings Files, 1833–1871 – Thesaurus Illinois State Archives


C. Aultman and Company
C. Dickinson and Company
C. Mcdonnel and Smith
C. Mears and Company
C. Reising and Company
C. Van Claricum and Co.
C. Walker and Son
C.G. Wicker and Co.
Cab Stands
Cady, D.S.
Cady, M. (Rev.)
Caffrey, John (Mrs.)
Cagwin, H.A.
Cahalane, Cornelius
Cahill, Edmond
Cahill, Patrick
Cain, Michael
Cairo, Illinois
Caldwell, John
Calhoun Place
Calhoun, Alvin
Calhoun, J.
Calhoun, John
Calhoun, William A.
California St.
Calkins, A.C.
Callaghan, D.
Callahan, Jerry
Callahan, Thomas
Callendine, J.P.
Calling, Ira
Calumet Ave.
Calumet River
Calumet, Illinois
Calvin, John B.
Cameron, William
Cameron, William R.
Camp Douglas
Camp, Frederick
Campbell and Butler
Campbell Ave.
Campbell Minstrels
Campbell Place
Campbell St.
Campbell, Alonzo
Campbell, Andrew
Campbell, J.B.
Campbell, J.L.
Campbell, James
Campbell, James B.
Campbell, James C.
Campbell, John
Campbell, Nye
Campbell, S.S.
Campbell, W.H.
Canady, J.F.
Canal Boats
Canal Lands
Canal St.
Canal St. Methodist Churc
Canalport Ave.
Canda, Felix
Candle St.
Candy Stands
Cane St.
Canfield, Dennis
Canfield, E.
Canfield, J.
Cannon St.
Cannon, James
Cannon, William
Canterbury Hall
Carbine, Thomas
Cardiff, William
Cardwell, A.W.
Carew, David
Carew, John (Mrs.)
Carey, Michael
Carl St.
Carlin, James
Carmody, Patrick
Carn, John
Carney, James
Carney, Mary Ann
Carney, Thomas
Carpenter St.
Carpenter, B.
Carpenter, Benjamin
Carpenter, Job
Carpenter, John
Carpenter, John H.
Carpenter, Joseph
Carpenter, Philo
Carpenter, Samuel
Carpenter, William
Carpenter, Willtam V.
Carrol, Owen
Carrol, Thomas
Carroll St.
Carroll, Catherine
Carroll, Edmond
Carroll, James
Carroll, Patrick
Carroll, T.C.
Carroll, Thomas
Carroll, William
Carron and Parquin
Carson, Richard
Carson, William
Carswell, L.R.
Carter and Miller
Carter, Artemas
Carter, Asher
Carter, I.B.
Carter, T.B.
Carter, W.H.
Carter, Wallace
Carter, William H.
Carthew, Richard
Caruthers, John
Carver, B.F.
Carver, Benjamin F.
Carver, D.
Carver, Daniel
Carver, David
Cary, John M.
Case, A.B.
Case, Calvin
Case, John R.
Case, Lawton
Casey, Edward
Casey, Edward W.
Casey, Johana
Casey, John
Casey, Martin
Casey, Michael
Casey, Peter
Casey, W.
Cash, Stephen
Cashin, Ellen
Cass St.
Casselman, Christian
Cassidy, Catherine
Castle, E.H.
Castle, E.S.
Caswell, John
Catch Basins
Catherine Place
Catherine St.
Catholic Orphan Asylum
Catholic Temperance Soc.
Caton, John D.
Cavanaugh, Martin
Cawker, Mathew
Cayuga St.
Cedar St.
Cella, Michael
Center Ave.
Center St.
Central Ave.
Cerf, Mina
Chacksfield George
Chadbourn, B.H.
Chadwick, J.W.
Chadwick, James E.
Chaffee, Frank W.
Chaloner, Eben C.
Chambers, J.B.
Chambers, T.F.
Chandler, G.W.
Chandler, Horace
Chapin and Fox
Chapin and Howard
Chapin, A.L.
Chapin, E.J.
Chapin, Eastman and Fox
Chapin, Hezekiah
Chapin, John
Chapin, John P.
Chapin, Marsh and Foss
Chapin, Newton
Chapman, C.H.
Chapman, Frank
Chapman, George
Chapman, Henry
Chappel, D.N.
Chappel, Deloss A.
Charles F. Grey Company
Charles Place
Charles Reissig and Co.
Charles Rietz and Bros.
Charles St.
Charleston, C.
Charleston, Caspar
Charleston, Charles
Chase, Charles C.
Chase, Edward
Chase, Nathaniel
Chase, William C.
Chattel Mortgages
Chelmsford, England
Cherry Ave.
Cherry St.
Cherry, Robert
Chesbrough, E.S.
Chestnut Place
Chestnut St.
Cheyenne Indians
Chicago Academy of Sacred
Chicago Ave.
Chicago Baseball Club
Chicago Board Underwriter
Chicago Boat Club
Chicago Business Director
Chicago Carriage Factory
Chicago Catholic Inst.
Chicago Chamber Commerce
Chicago City Band
Chicago City Guards
Chicago City Messenger Co
Chicago Coal Co.
Chicago Dragoons
Chicago Driving Park
Chicago Farmers' Ins. Co.
Chicago Gas Light & Coke
Chicago German Band
Chicago Hackmen's Union
Chicago Homeopathic Hosp.
Chicago Horticultural Soc
Chicago Hussars
Chicago Hydraulic Company
Chicago Invincibles
Chicago Law Institute
Chicago Light Artillery
Chicago Light Guard
Chicago Light Guard Band
Chicago Marine and Fire
Chicago Medical Society
Chicago Museum
Chicago Orphan Asylum
Chicago Reform School
Chicago Relief Society
Chicago Rifle Company
Chicago River
Chicago River Commission
Chicago Rolling Mill Co.
Chicago Savings Inst.
Chicago Seamen's Union
Chicago South Branch Dock
Chicago Temperance House
Chicago Temperance League
Chicago Theater
Chicago Union Stock Co.
Chicago Water Works
Chicago Zouaves
Chicago, Aurora RR.
Chicago, Burlington RR.
Chicago, Des Plaines Road
Chicago, Evanston RR.
Chicago, Ft. Wayne RR.
Chicago, Galena RR.
Chicago, Joliet RR.
Chicago, Milwaukee RR.
Chicago, Northwestern RR.
Chicago, Rock Island RR.
Chicago, St. Charles RR.
Chicago, St. Louis RR.
Chicago, St. Paul RR.
Chicago: Past, Present
Chilcote, G.G.
Child Abuse
Childs, S.D.
Chilson, Charles F.
Chilson, Richardson & Co.
Chilson, Seymour
Chilvears, Robert
Chimney Sweeping
Chiniquy, C. (Rev.)
Chipman, Levi
Chivill, Matthew
Chladek, Adolph B.
Cholmer, Thomas
Chriser, Christian
Christey, Nathan
Christian Mutual Assistan
Christian, D.W.
Christmas Day
Christy's Minstrels
Christy, N.
Christy, Nathan
Chubb, James
Church of St. Ausgarius
Church of the Atonement
Church of the Holy Comm.
Church of the Holy Name
Church Place
Church St.
Church, John C.
Church, Thomas
Church, W.E.
Church, William
Church, William L.
Churchill, E.N.
Cicero, Illinois
Cigar Stands
Cincinnati, Ohio
Circuit Court
Citizens Union Defense C.
City Charters
City Clerks
City Courts
City Directories
City Dumps
City Halls
City Hotel
City Limits
City Organization
Civil War
Civil, John
Clagger, Robert
Clair, James
Clancy, John
Clancy, M.B.
Clancy, Thomas
Clare, A.
Clarinda St.
Clark and Shapley
Clark St.
Clark, Allen
Clark, Caroline
Clark, Charles
Clark, Elisha
Clark, F.
Clark, F.N.
Clark, Francis
Clark, George R.
Clark, H.B.
Clark, H.W.
Clark, Henry
Clark, Henry A.
Clark, Henry B.
Clark, J.
Clark, J.H.
Clark, J.R.
Clark, J.W.
Clark, Jacob
Clark, James H.
Clark, James N.
Clark, John
Clark, Jonathan
Clark, L.W.
Clark, Lincoln
Clark, M.J.
Clark, Mary
Clark, N.G.
Clark, Norman
Clark, R.B.
Clark, R.R.
Clark, Robert
Clark, Robert R.
Clark, S.A.
Clark, S.W.
Clark, Samuel
Clark, Thomas
Clark, W.H.
Clark, William R.
Clarke, Charles
Clarke, Erastus L.
Clarke, Francis N.
Clarke, George C.
Clarke, George M.
Clarke, George W.
Clarke, H.W.
Clarke, Henry B.
Clarke, Henry W.
Clarke, John L.
Clarke, T.D.
Clarke, William M.
Clarkson and Van Schaack
Class, C.F.
Clay St.
Clay, Cassius
Clay, Henry
Clayburgh, Martin
Clayton St.
Clayton, C.W.
Clayton Charles W.
Clear, James
Cleaver and Elston
Cleaver St.
Cleaver, Charles
Cleghorn, E.
Cleland, James
Clellan, Mathew
Clemens, Alexander
Clemens, M.
Clement, S.
Clements, Alexander
Clemmords, and Co.
Clenry, Bridget
Clevelan, Reuben
Cleveland and Russell
Cleveland, H.L.
Cleveland, Ohio
Cleveland, Reuben
Cleveland, S.E.
Cleves, Benjamin
Clidesdale Robert
Clifford, E.
Clifford, James
Clifford, Mark
Clinton House
Clinton St.
Clisbee and Rowley
Clisbee and Rowly
Clogher, William
Close, Ann
Close, Julius
Closing Times
Clotter, Victor
Clowry, Jeremiah
Clowry, John
Clybourn and Hovey
Clybourn Ave.
Clybourn Place
Clybourn, A.
Clybourne Road
Clybourne, A.
Clybourne, A.C.
Clyburne, A.
Coal Miners
Cobb, David
Cobb, George W.
Cobb, James W.
Cobb, S.B.
Cobb, Silas
Cobb, Silas B.
Cobb, Z.
Cochran St.
Cochran, Francis
Cochran, J.W.
Cochran, James W.
Coe, C.C.
Coey, David
Coffee, Patrick
Coffer Dams
Coffey, Patrick
Coffman, Henry
Cogan, John
Coglan, Richard
Cohen, B.
Cohen, Isaac
Cohen, Mark
Cohen, Mary
Cohen, Peter
Cohn, Julius
Cohn, Mark
Coholan, James
Colbert's History
Colburn, Julius P.
Colby, C.D.
Colby, E.F.
Colby, George W.
Colby, Oris D.
Colby, Osmond V.
Colby, William
Cole, L.
Cole, S.
Cole, Samuel
Cole, Thomas
Coleman, John
Coleman, William
Coles, Alfred
Coles, William T.
Colfax Ave.
Colfax St.
Collins, Elizabeth
Collins, Ezra
Collins, George
Collins, J.H.
Collins, James
Collins, James H.
Collins, James H. (Dr.)
Collins, John
Collins, Margaret
Collins, S.B.
Colman, Ira
Cologne St.
Colored Baptist Church
Colton's Outline Maps
Columbus Day
Columbus, Ohio
Colvin, W.H.
Colwell and Co.
Colwell, S.
Combs, Fred
Comeford, John
Comfort, John
Comiskey, John
Comley, E.L.
Commencement Ceremonies
Commerce St.
Commercial Advertiser
Commercial Conventions
Commercial National Bank
Commercial St.
Committee of Trades Assem
Comstock, J.F.
Comstock, William P.
Conboy, Peter
Concealed Weapons
Condict, Wooley and Co.
Condon, Timothy
Cone, Adolphus
Congress St.
Coniton, Peter
Conklin, Patrick
Conklin, William
Conlan, Peter
Conley, Alfred
Conley, Edward
Conley, Philip
Conley, Philip (Mrs.)
Conley, Phillip
Conley, Samuel S.
Connally, Patrick W.
Connelley, John
Connelley, Patrick
Connelly, Daniel
Connelly, Patrick
Connerton, Peter
Connett J.W.
Connolly, John
Connolly, P.J.
Connolly, Patrick
Connolly, Peter J.
Connor St.
Connor, John
Connor, O.T.
Connor, Thomas
Connors, Thomas
Conrad, Andrew
Considine, Bridget
Considine, Dennis
Considine, John
Considine, Mary
Consodrin, John
Constitutional Convention
Contingent Funds
Continuing Education
Conventry St.
Conventry, Alexander C.
Conway, James B.
Conway, L.J.
Conway, P. (Rev.)
Cook and McLain
Cook County
Cook County Commissioners
Cook County Medical Soc.
Cook St.
Cook, A.B.
Cook, Alexander
Cook, Bartholomew
Cook, C.W.
Cook, Daniel
Cook, G.C.
Cook, George C.
Cook, Isaac
Cook, J.
Cook, J.A.
Cook, J.P.
Cook, John T.
Cook, Julius
Cook, R.
Cook, R.G.
Cook, Thomas
Cook, W.
Cooke, D.B.
Cooke, R.E.
Cooke, Richard
Coolidge St.
Coombs, George
Cooney, Patrick
Cooper, George E.
Cooper, J.D.
Cooper, John
Cooper, John W.
Coote, R.
Corbett, Patrick
Corbett, William
Corbin, D.W.
Corbit, Patrick
Corbitt, Patrick
Corcoran, John
Corcoran, John L.
Cordry, Cutler and Co.
Corigan, Michael
Cork St.
Cornefeld, Isaac
Cornelia St.
Cornell St.
Cornell, Paul
Cornfield, Isaac
Corning, John S.
Corrigan, William
Cortez St.
Cortwright, Jeremiah
Corwin, D.W.
Cosgrove, John
Cost Overruns
Coster, George W.
Coster, Henry
Coster, John Y.
Cottage Grove
Cottage Grove Ave.
Cottage Place
Couch Place
Couch, Ira
Coughlin, Dennis
Couiton, Peter
Court Fees
Court Place
Court Terms
Courtland St.
Courtright, Jeremiah
Coventry St.
Coventry, Alexander C.
Covert, A.H.
Cowan, Thomas H.
Cowdry, Hiram
Cowles, Alfred
Cowles, William
Cowper, Edward
Cox, John
Cox, W.D.
Cox, William
Coym, Charles
Cozzens, Matthew
Cozzins, M.
Craig, James
Craig, William
Crains, Levy
Cram, Jacob
Cramer, A.
Crane and Wesson
Crane, J.P.
Cranes, L.
Craney, James B.
Crary, O.A.
Crary, Oliver A.
Cravens, B.H.
Crawford, Dickson and Co.
Crawford, John
Crawford, Lemuel
Crawford, Peter
Crawford, Thomas
Crawford, William
Crayney, James
Crease, J.
Creaty, Charles V.
Creed, John
Crentz, Adalbert
Creoit, James
Creole, Joseph
Creote, Joseph
Crete, Charles
Crippen St.
Crittenden Ave.
Crittenden, Andrew
Crocker, George F.
Crocker, W.H.
Croft, Thomas F.
Crompton, W.R.
Crone, Julius
Croner, I.W.
Cronin, M.W.
Cronin, Timothy
Crooker St.
Crosby St.
Crosby's Distillery
Crosby, A.
Crosby, P.H.
Cross Dressing
Cross St.
Cross, A.J.
Cross, Richard
Crossing St.
Crow, James
Crowden, William
Crowley, Cornelius
Crowley, Timothy
Cruger and Larsen
Cruver and Sanser
Cruver, John
Cueny, John Adam
Cugnio, Gio Batta
Cullerton, Edward F.
Culver, Belden F.
Culver, James B.
Culver, John B.
Cummings, Charles
Cummins, Thomas
Cunningham, H.
Cunningham, Henry
Cunningham, J.C.
Cunningham, Michael
Cunningham, Patrick
Cunningham, Robert
Cure, Peter
Curley, Mary
Curran, Dennis
Curran, John
Curran, William
Curren, Hugh
Currens, Hugh
Currier St.
Curry, J.
Curtis and Boyce
Curtis St.
Curtis, Charles
Curtis, Harvey
Curtis, Henry
Curtis, Henry B.
Curtis, Julius L.
Curtis, Peter
Curtiss, C.R.S. (Dr.)
Curtiss, Charles H.
Curtiss, James
Cushing, Margaret
Cushing, Nathaniel S.
Customs Houses
Cutler, A.C.
Cutler, J.Y.
Cutler, John A.
Cutter, B.
Cutting, F.H.
Cutting, Guy
Cutting, McClelland & Co.
Cuttle, Darby