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The office of county surveyor existed from 1821 to 1957. The law which created this office provided at least one official land surveyor for every county in Illinois. Surveyors were required to keep copies of original U.S. survey field notes and were allowed to hire deputies.1 In 1829, surveyors were required to keep record books, and in 1833, land developers were required to use the official county surveyors to survey all town plats and additions.2

From 1821 to 1835, surveyors were appointed by the General Assembly; from 1835 to 1936, they were elected to four-year terms by the counties; and from 1936 to 1957, they were appointed by county boards to four-year terms.3 In 1957, the office was abolished and the surveyors transferred their records to the county recorders.4

Record Descriptions

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