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Record Descriptions – County Treasurer

Blind Pension Orders

Record shows the name of the party receiving the order, the amount, and the date canceled.

Blind Pension Reports

Reports of payments to blind persons show the name and residence of the pensioner, the warrant number, the amount of money paid out to the pensioner, and the total amount paid, signed by the county treasurer and the county clerk.

Canceled County Orders

Canceled orders show the issue number, the amount, the county board term, the name of the person receiving the order, the reason for payment, and the names of the treasurer and county clerk.

Collector's Account Book

Record shows the collector's name, the date, the amount of tax to be collected for the year, the amount received from tax sales and redemptions, the regular county tax, and totals.

Collector's and Treasurer's Audit Reports

Reports contain certification by an independent auditor, a summary of transactions for the period for both the collector and the treasurer, a bank reconciliation, a summary of the unpaid taxes, any additional taxes, collector's checks that were written and paid, and a detailed resume by township.

Collector's Journal

Record shows the taxpayer's name, the location of taxable real estate, the amount of tax, and the tax collected.

Collector's Settlement Record

Record shows the name of the town and the year, the tax spread, whether each category of tax was paid, the amount paid, the collector's commission, the amount delinquent, and the amount forfeited.

Collector's Settlement Statements

Statements show the name of the person assessed, a legal description of real property or a notation of the ownership of personal property with its equalized value, and give the numbers of the school and road districts, the tax spread, back tax, total tax, and the reason for inability to collect tax.

Collector's Settlements with Townships Record

Record shows the county collector's statement for each tax in a township for one year, with the total collected for each tax in the county and the signature of the official receiving the tax.

County Annual Audit Reports

Reports usually provide a detailed audit of the receipts and disbursements of county offices, the receipts and disbursements of county funds, summaries of balances, and the disposition of funds. These audits may be structured in a variety of ways, but they generally contain two categories, one which contains county officers and one which contains county funds.

County Order Receipt Record

Record shows the court term, the receipt number, the amount, the signature of the recipient, and a notation if the order was redeemed.

County Order Record

Record shows the order number, the date issued, the name of the person to whom the order was issued, the reason for payment, frequently the fund the payment was drawn on, and the date redeemed.

County Order Registers

Register of payments from county funds shows the number and date of the order, to whom the order was paid, the amount, and the date of payment.

County Warrant Register

Register shows the name of the warrant recipient, the purpose and amount of the warrant, the bank cancellation date, and the date and number of the warrant.

Jury Order Register

Register shows the order number and date, the name of the juror, the amount, and the date paid.

Land Commissioner's Audit Reports

Audit reports include the auditor's opinion, a statement of farm receipts and expenditures for all funds, reconciliation of balances, cash receipts and disbursements for the distributive fund and for the savings fund.

Mother's Pension Accounts

List of payments of mother's pensions includes the names of the payee and the child for whom the benefit was claimed, the age of the child, the expiration date of the pension, the date of the court decree, the amount of payment, the dates of payment, the number of the order, and remarks.

Mother's Pension Order Record

Record shows the date of issue, the order number, the name of the recipient, the total amount issued for the month, and the date canceled.

Mother's Pension Vouchers

Vouchers show the pensioner's name, address, and number of children, the warrant number and amount of payment, and the cumulative total for the quarter.

Motor Fuel Tax Audit Reports

Reports contain a letter of transmittal, an auditor's certificate with comments, an audit fund balance sheet, a certification of bank balance, a schedule of outstanding warrants, a summary of receipts and disbursements, fund transfers, a list of balances and overdrafts, an audit detail of receipts and of disbursements, and a summary sheet.

Swamp Land Account Record

Record of notes shows the name of the holder, the amount, and the date due. Treasurer's accounts show the name of the treasurer, the date and amount, and the type of transaction.

Tax Clearance Receipts

Receipts show the date, the name of the township collector, the amount collected, the collector's commission, the amount paid to the county treasurer, and the names of the township, the county collector, and the treasurer, with the tax spread.

Tax Collection Abstracts

Abstracts show the page number of the Collector's Book, the tax spread, the amount of the first and second installments, the total for each page, and the totals assessed for lands, lots, and personal property for each township.

Tax Ledger

Ledger shows tax extensions and fees in five categories: townships, school districts, drainage districts, fees due the county treasurer, and fees due the township tax levying district.

Treasurer's Account with Clerk

Record of receipts issued by the treasurer for money received from the county clerk shows the date, number, purpose, and amount of the receipt and the name of payer.

Treasurer's Bank Account Book

Account book shows the name of the bank, the date and amount of each deposit or withdrawal, and the balance.

Treasurer's Ledger

Ledger shows receipts and disbursements for all county accounts, including the name of the account, the dates, amounts, and purpose of each receipt or disbursement, and the balance for each account.

Treasurer's Semi-Annual Financial Statements

Statements show for each county account the date and source of every receipt and disbursement, and the balance.

Treasurer's Settlement Record

Record of settlements with the collector shows the name of the town and the year, the amount of back taxes and the amount paid, the interest and costs, the total charged to the collector, any abatements, forfeitures, or objections, the total received by the collector, the collector's commission, the balance, the clerk's fees, the date of payment, the amount, by whom paid, and the tax spread.