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Record Descriptions – Superintendent of an Education Service Region

Building Contract Drawings and Specifications

Contract drawings show the name of the school and the district number, the city, the name of the architects, and the date. Blue prints progress from general site plans to detailed drawings of interiors and of electrical and plumbing systems. Specifications show the name of the school, the district number, the city, the name of the architectural firm, the date, the commission number, a general statement of contract, a general description of construction, instructions to bidders, details of materials to be used in construction, and descriptions of remodeled areas following reconstruction.

Building Specifications and Construction Reports

Housekeeping Reports provide general information on building maintenance. Specifications Reports detail mechanical and electrical work for the repair or reconstruction of schools.

Common School Schedules

Schedules show the name of the teacher, the school district number and location, the dates of the school term, the name of each student, the days present and absent for each student, the total days attended by each student, and the total days attended by all students, with certification by the teacher and the school trustees.

Director's Annual Reports

Reports show township and range numbers, the district name and number, and the date. School censuses include all children under the age of 21, the value of all school buildings, grounds, and equipment, the amount of taxes levied for educational purposes, the warrants outstanding, the amount of endowment and the amount of indebtedness, and the number of illiterates between 12 and 21.

Elementary School Annual Reports

Annual reports show teachers' qualifications and salaries, district tax rates, valuations, and indebtedness, the number of days school was held, and the condition of the physical plant. Reports list improvements made and needed, special programs, school organization, administration, budget, curriculum, and class size. Filed with the reports are copies of relevant correspondence, memoranda from the state superintendent, schedules, programs, newspaper clippings, blueprints and plans, sample ballots, and student publications.

High School District Organization Record

Record of the formation or alteration of community high school districts contains transcripts of the proceedings of organization of high school districts. These transcripts include petitions by voters to the county superintendent of schools to schedule an election; a legal description of the proposed school district; the findings of the county superintendent of schools on the feasibility of the proposed district; the notice of the election, giving the date, time, and place of the election, as well as the proposition to be voted on; a copy of the official ballot; poll books which list the names of those who voted; tally lists; the results of the election, the total vote, and certification by the clerk and election judges; a plat which details the boundaries of the school district; and a list of taxpayers in the school district.

High School Expenditure Reports

Expenditure reports were made to the county superintendent of schools so that he could determine equitable high school tuition charges. For each high school in the county, reports contain the school's name and district number, an itemized list of current expenses, the total current expenses, an itemized list of capital outlay expenses, and the total capital outlay expenses. Reports are signed and certified by the clerk of the district board.

High School Financial Record

Record of district receipts and expenditures shows the amount received or disbursed, to whom, and for what purpose. Record also shows the balances in high school funds, such as the education, building, construction, municipal retirement, transportation, and bond funds.

High School Tuition Reports

Reports show the name, age, and address of each non-resident pupil, with the year of study, the basis of qualification for high school, the number of months attended, the amount of tuition due the school, and the home school district number of the non-resident pupil. Expense reports show the costs of instruction and of school plant operation and maintenance.

Non-High School Board of Education Minutes

Minutes show the business transacted at board meetings, including the date of the meeting, the secretary's name, election notices and results, petitions for increasing tax levies, tuition reports, accounts of receipts and expenditures, and permits for students to attend high school.

Preliminary Classification Reports

Reports show the name, age, year in school, and days attended for each pupil; the names of the textbooks used and the pages covered; the daily class schedule of the school; the condition of the school, of the library, and of the grounds; and the teacher's salary.

Rural School Curriculum

Curriculum recommends textbooks, specifies the chapters which should be covered during the school year, and provides a model school schedule.

School Accreditation Correspondence

Correspondence from the assistant county superintendent to the county's high school principals contains comments on physical plant and equipment, school libraries, school administration, records, teachers, and pupils, and cites curriculum improvements and deficiencies.

School and Road District Plats

Plats show boundaries of school and road districts within townships. Occasionally, lists of taxpayers in townships are included.

School Annual Audit and Financial Reports

Audit reports contain a letter of opinion from a certified public accountant, a balance sheet of assets, liabilities, and fund balances, total revenues and expenditures, itemized revenue, itemized expen­ditures, and the balance in each fund. Financial statements show the auditor's name and address, the date the statement was filed with the county superintendent of schools, the name and number of the school district, a statement of school funds, a summary of the district assets, and a depreciation schedule for the district.

School Bond Register

Register of bonds issued by school districts gives the name and number of the district, the purpose for which the bonds were issued, the date of issue, the amount and interest rate, whether the interest was payable annually or semi-annually, and the dates of maturity and registration.

School Cash Accounts

Accounts list receipts and their sources, money disbursed, to whom, and for what purpose.

School Census Reports

For each school, reports show the number of boys and girls under age 21, the number of boys and girls between ages 6 and 21, the value of all school property and equipment, and the amount of taxes levied.

School Distributive Fund Report

Record shows the amounts and totals of receipts from the county treasurer, the auditor of public accounts, justices of the peace, and state distributive funds, with the date received and the balance on hand. Expenditures to school districts show the township name, the number of the school district, the name of the township treasurer, the amount and the date of the expenditures. The record also contains statements of examination by the finance committee of the county board (1912-1922).

School District Annual Audit Reports

Record of school district assets and liabilities, with annual receipts and disbursements, is accompanied by certification from a certified public accountant. For each school district, the record shows the district number, name, and address, and includes statements of cash receipts and disbursements for the fiscal year for the various funds, each showing the account number, receipts from revenue and non-revenue sources, disbursements, and totals. Funds include education, building, transportation, bonds and interest, municipal retirement, rent, construction, and working cash. Supplementary schedules attached to the report show all other existing assets and liabilities. Reports may also contain correspondence between district administrators and county or state administrators.

School District Annual Financial Reports

Reports show receipts and expenditures for each of the school funds (education, building, transportation, retirement), with the date, amount and source or payee shown for each.

School District Annual Reports

Reports show the number of teachers in each district, their sex, and the grade taught by each; the total daily attendance at each school, the number of days in session, the average daily attendance, and the number of promotions and graduations; the number of buildings in each district, the number of libraries and the number of volumes in each, the number of private schools, and the property values for each school. The reports may also provide information on district finances, including the budget.

School District Assessment Abstract

Abstract contains township plats, township tax rates and amounts, the date of assessment, and the total township tax for real and personal property.

School District Budgets

Budgets show the sources of school district revenue, the estimated amount in each fund, the expenditures from each fund, and the vote on adoption of the budget.

  1. Annual Report of the Board of Education, 1900;
  2. Application for Rental of Books, 1944-1946;
  3. Citizens Advisory/Steering Committee File, 1950-1976;
  4. Course of Study of the Public Schools, 1902;
  5. Curriculum Development Method Programs, 1951; 1953; 1954; 1973;
  6. County School Survey Committee File, 1947-1948;
  7. High School File, 1949; 1976;
  8. Junior High Rules and Regulations, 1965;
  9. Parent-Teacher Association File, 1933-1970;
  10. Promotion Exercises Programs, 1889; 1890; 1904; 1917;
  11. Board Rules and Regulations, 1899;
  12. School Calendars, 1940-1941; 1942-1944; 1962-1963; 1964-1965; as well as student publications, programs, dedications, and literature about school lections

School District Clerk's Census Reports

Reports to teachers show the names and addresses of parents or guardians with the number of children belonging to each, and the age and date of birth of each child.

School District Plat Record

Record shows the name of the township, the range number, the name of the president of the school board, the dates certified and filed, the signature of the clerk, and the school district boundaries. Record may also show the district tax rate and the total taxes.

School District Reapportionment Record

Record includes petitions for annexation or detachment of property for redrawing school district boundaries; letters from the county superintendent of schools specifying the preparations to be made for special elections; and the actual boundary changes to be made, including a legal description of the annexed or detached area. Record may include lawyers' correspondence, calls for hearings on the questions, notices of publication, and certification by notary.

School District Record

Record may include all or some of the following: Director's Annual Reports, Registers of School Orders, Registers of Loans from the School Fund, Registers of Bonds, Certificates of Levy, Township Treasurer's Semi-Annual Statements, Proceedings of District Board, Record of Annual School Meetings, Reports of Organization of School Districts, Pupil Attendance Reports, School Census Reports, Teacher's School Reports, Teacher's Contracts, Record of Teachers, Registers of School Officers.

School Enrollment and Housing Report

Report shows the name of the district superintendent, the district, the school year, the type of district, the grades taught, the number of teachers and the number of substandard credentials, enrollment by grade, total enrollment, the number of buildings available for use, the number of classrooms available for use, the number of classrooms needed, and the cost of new buildings, additions, remodeling, equipment and furniture.

School Fund Examination Record

Record contains Books of Account and Evidence of Indebtedness. Books of Account show the district number, the receipts by fund and amount, the total expenditures, and the balance on hand. Evidences of Indebtedness show partners' names, the type of security, the date and amount of the loan, the date due, and the name of the fund from which the money was loaned.

School Land Certificates of Purchase

Certificates show the name of the purchaser, the date of the sale, a legal description of the property sold, and the price paid.

School Land Patents

Patents show the legal description of the property, the name of the purchaser, the date of the sale, the number of acres, and the price per acre, with the signatures of the governor and the auditor of public accounts.

School Land Sale Accounts

Accounts show a legal description of the property, the amount of sales and payments, the balance due, the interest rate, the names of the purchaser and securities, the total received from the sales and the balances which are on hand and remain to be collected.

School Land Sale Petitions

Petitions give a legal description of the school lands and the names of the petitioners. Petitions are often accompanied by plats which show the location of lots for sale and by lists of lots which show the valuations. The record may also show whether the lot was sold and the names of the school commissioner and trustees.

School Land Sale Plats>

Plats show the lot numbers, the number of acres in each lot, and the value of each lot as established by the school trustees. Each plat is dated and signed by the school trustees.

School Land Sale Record

Record shows the date of the sale, the name of the purchaser, a legal description of the land sold, the number of acres sold, the price per acre and the total purchase price, with the signature of the school commissioner.

School Land Sale Reports

Copies of reports made by the school commissioner to the county commissioners' court show the date, amount, and place of the sale, the purchaser's name, the acreage sold and the price per acre, a legal description of the property sold, and the filing date of the report.

School Law Correspondence

Letters from local school officers to the county superintendent of schools ask questions about the school law; letters from the state superintendent to the county superintendent contain the replies.

School Library Record

Record lists books in the district library with the librarian's comments on their physical condition and on the unsuitable nature of many books for a school library.

School Officers' Directories

Directories show the name, address, and the date term expires for township school trustees, members of school boards, and school directors.

School Pupil Examination Record

Record shows the school district, the name of the pupil, the courses taken and grades earned, whether the pupil passed or failed, the date of the certificate, and whether a scholarship was awarded.

School Superintendent's Account Record

Record shows the name of the school commissioner (later superintendent), the amounts received and disbursed, the date of each transaction, the name of the person paying money or receiving it, the reason for the receipt or expenditure, the balance of the fund, and the date of the reports.

School Tax Levy Certificates

Certificates show for each school district the amount of levy, the tax rate, and the assessed valuation, with instructions from the county superintendent and changes in the budget law.

School Tax Record

Record of the annual tax levy for school districts includes township and range numbers, a map or a narrative description of each school district, the names of school district taxpayers, and the tax rate, with certification by the school district clerk or treasurer.

School Treasurer's Account Books

Record shows the receipts and expenditures for the building, education, and transportation funds. Receipts show the date, from whom received, for what purpose, the total and the fund balance. Expenditures show the date, to whom paid, for what purpose, and the total.

School Treasurer's Cash Book

Journal of daily cash receipts and expenditures shows the date, the amount and the purpose of each receipt or expenditure, as well as from whom cash was received or to whom cash was paid. Record also contains transcripts of poll books of special school elections, which show the date and place of the election, the names of the voters, and the total votes for or against the proposition or issue.

School Treasurer's Certificates of Publication

Certificates accompany copies of the newspaper containing the annual financial statements of the district. Each includes the name of the agent of the newspaper, a certification that the printed notice was a true copy, the name of the newspaper, and the date the notice was published, signed by the agent of the printing company.

School Treasurer's General Record

Records contained include: List of School Trustees, Record of Notes and Bonds, Record of District School Tax Levy, and Record of Examination by the Board of Trustees. List of Trustees shows the trustee's name, position, district number, and term. Record of Notes and Bonds shows the maker's name, the date of the note or bond, the dates due and paid, the amount, the type of security, and remarks. Record of District School Tax Levy shows the district number and the amount levied. Record of Examination shows the amounts in the loanable fund, the apportionment from the county superintendent of schools, and the apportionment to the school directors.

School Treasurer's Semi-Annual Statements

Statement shows the balance on hand at the time of the last report; receipts since the last report, including the date, from whom received, the purpose, and the amount; expenditures since the last report, showing to whom paid, the reason for payment, the order number, and the date; with totals.

School Truant Register

Record of truancies includes the name, age, and grade of each truant, the case number, the date of the complaint, the school district, the truant's previous attendance record, the date the truant was directed to enter the school, the type and date of the letter sent to the truant's parents, the record of absences after the truant was directed to enter school, and the disposition of the case.

School Truant Register Index

Index is arranged alphabetically, by the surname of each truant. The index shows the name and address of each truant and the page number of the case in the School Truant Register.

School Trustees' and Treasurer's Annual Reports

Reports contain a title page, a test sheet, general statistics, and financial statistics. The title page shows the year, the county, and the township and range of the school district. The test sheet is a statement which reconciles current balances with balance from the previous fiscal year. The section on general statistics contains a school census, teacher statistics, and school property statistics until 1936, when this section is reduced to showing only the value of school property and the amount of tax levied on the educational fund. Financial statistics consist of district fund receipts and expenditures, and beginning in 1937 include district building fund receipts and expenditures. This section provides increasingly detailed accounts of receipts and expenditures, and from 1959 tax levies and extensions are included in it.

School Trustees' Annual Report

Report includes a school census, which shows the number of boys, girls, and the number of children between 6 and 21; enrollment information, which shows the year in school and the total enrollment; teacher information, which shows the number of teachers, the educational level of each, the salary of each, the number of men and of women teachers, the total number of teachers, and the length of service of each; library information; and occasionally student health information.

School Trustees' Certificates

Certificates of appointment of school trustees show the appointee's name, the township and range number, and the date of appointment, with the signature of the clerk of the county com missioners' court. Oaths show the name of the trustee, the date of the oath, the signature of the town clerk, and the date filed. Notices of election show the place and date of the town meeting, the name of the person elected trustee, the date certified, and the signature of the town clerk.

School Trustees' Certificates of Appointment or Election

Certificates show the date of appointment or election, the name of the school trustee, and the signature of the town clerk (for elected trustees) or the clerk of the county commissioners' court (for appointed trustees).

School Trustees' Minutes

Minutes show the date of the trustees' meeting, the township, section, and range numbers of the district, the business con ducted during the meeting, the names of board members, and the location of the meeting. Business includes the formation of school districts, inspections of the treasurer's records, establishment of policies for the loan of school funds, and elections of school officials.

Special Education Applications

Applications from school districts requesting special education programs for transportation, psychological services, maladjusted children, physically handicapped, speech correction, impaired hearing, and mentally handicapped (educable and trainable) show the dates covered, the terms of agreement with the district, the facilities available, and the names of the pupils, with the approval and signature of the county superintendent and the date approved.

State Aid Claims Report

Report shows the total equalized assessed value of all taxable property in the school district, the total district tax rate, the number of full time teachers, the number of days school was held, the total days of attendance of pupils, the average daily attendance, and the amount of state aid claimed.

State and Federal School Disbursement Record

Record shows the school district number, the annual total received from the distributive fund, the amount of claim for state aid, monthly disbursements from the distributive fund, and, beginning in 1946, transportation reimbursement, hot lunch disbursements by state and federal governments, special reimbursements, and special education disbursements. Beginning in 1954, hot lunch disbursements for parochial schools and reimbursements for driver training are shown.

Superintendent's Annual Reports

Reports show general, financial, and special statistics for all school districts within a county. General statistics include a census of each school, showing the number of pupils by age and sex; the number of teachers by sex, educational background, type of certificate, and salary; the number of pupils promoted from the eighth grade; the number of tuition-paying pupils; the total days of attendance; the value of all school property, including buildings, grounds, and equipment; the amount of bonded indebtedness; the number of school libraries and the number of volumes in each; private school enrollment by sex; and the literacy of the school age population. Prior to 1873, general statistical information was also broken down by race. Prior to 1903, causes for illiteracy were incorporated into the statistics on literacy. Financial statistics include receipts and expenditures for the following funds: district education fund, distributive fund, township loanable fund, and building fund. Statistics are further given for districts classified by size (number of teachers) and type (elementary, high school, consolidated). Special statistics list consolidated schools; public kindergartens; deaf, dumb, blind, and crippled children; delinquent children; transportation costs; and total costs. A report by the county superintendent concerning teachers' institutes, special teachers and classes, and disbursements from the institute fund is included with correspondence pertinent to completion of the report.

Superintendent's Day Books

Record of expenditures by county superintendent of schools includes the date, description, and cost of each item purchased or ordered, the date paid, the totals and account balances. Accounts are for such things as office supplies, printing, telephone and telegraph, furniture, books, and travel. Statements of examination are signed by the committee of the county board which made the audit.

Superintendent's Diary

Diary notes the superintendent's trips, meetings, correspondence, reports, teacher examinations and certifications, and visits to schools. Information on visits includes the average daily attendance of the school, the cleanliness of the school, the textbooks used, other teaching aids used, and evaluations of the staff and physical plant.

Superintendent's General Correspondence

Correspondence concerns such matters as: teacher recommenda­tions, insurance, electricity, tax levies, Gideon Bibles, and sanitation.

Superintendent's Record

Superintendent's record of school business includes information on the following subjects: school visitations, names of pupils, teachers, class schedules, sale of school lands, censuses of school age children, treasurer's reports, bonds of school officials, state aid payments, teacher certification, and school health.

Superintendent's Visitation Record

Record shows the date of the visit, the school district name and number, the name of the township, the teacher's name, address, certificate number, and salary, remarks about the appearance and ability of the teacher, the class size, the number of students present and absent, a list of the textbooks used, a list of class room equipment, and remarks on the performance of the pupils.

Teacher Directories

Directories list, alphabetically and by school, the names and ad­dresses of all county teachers, with the grade or subject taught by each, the years of experience and training, the salary, and occasionally the number of years in the present position.

Teacher's Annual Reports

Reports give the name of the school, the district number, the address, the date school closed and the date the report was filed, with the name of the person who prepared the report. Reports show the number of boys and girls enrolled in elementary and high school, the length of the school year, the number of days in session, the number of eighth grade and high school graduates, the total days of attendance of all pupils, the teachers' qualifications and salaries, the amount contributed to the State Teachers' Retirement Fund, the number of volumes in the library, a list of subjects taught, the number of school buildings and their seating capacities, the value of school property, the amount of taxes levied, and the amount of bonded indebtedness.

Teacher's Certificate Examination Record

Record shows the name, age, and address of the teacher candidate, the date of the examination, the score, and the grade of the certificate issued.

Teacher's Certificate Fee Book

Record shows the name and address of each teacher, and either gives the amount of the fee for issuing or renewing the certificate, or cites failure to pass the examination.

Teacher's Certificates

Certificates show the names of the teacher and the school trustees, the date, and affirmation that the teacher was qualified to teach specified subjects. Certificates occasionally provide an endorsement of the teacher's moral character.

Teacher's Contracts

Contracts show the teacher's name, salary, and number of months to be employed. They specify the duties of the teacher and the obligations of the school directors to the teacher.

Teacher's Daily Record

Earlier records detail pupil attendance, showing the school term, the name of the teacher, the names and ages of the pupils, the number of days school was in session, and individual and class attendance for the month and the school year. Later records show, in addition, the grades given to each pupil in each subject taught, decisions on promotion, comments on the work of each pupil, and an outline of the curriculum and daily routine.

Teacher's Permanent Record

Record shows the name, age, and residence or address of each teacher, with their preparation for teaching and experience, the district where they are employed, the grade of their certificate, their scores on subject examinations, and the dates of their certificate issue and renewal.

Teacher's Permanent Record Index

Index shows the name and address of each teacher in the Teacher's Permanent Record, a book and page number reference to this Record, and remarks about the teacher's certificate.

Teacher's Professional and Service Record

Record shows the name, age, and sex of each teacher, the grade of their certificate, their educational achievement, position, salary, district, the number of years taught in Illinois, the total number of years taught, whether they are a contributor to the Illinois Teachers' Pension and Retirement Fund, how many years they have contributed, and the total contribution of each.

Teacher's Register

Record shows the name and post office address of each teacher, the district and township number, the length of the term taught, the beginning and ending dates of the term, the date the teacher reported, the certificate expiration date, and the teacher's salary.

Teachers' Institute Record

Record shows the date and time of each institute, the names and addresses of those in attendance, the names of those on the pro­gram, and an account of the activities which occurred at the institute.

Township Treasurer's Receipts

Receipts show the amount of money received from the county superintendent of schools, the reason the money was disbursed to the township, and the date.