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Record Descriptions – Coroner

Coroner's Annual Reports

Reports show the total number of inquests held, the total number of investigations made, the expenses incurred for inquests and investigations, the receipts of the coroner's office, the names of individuals for whom inquests and investigations were conducted, and summaries of the causes of death.

Coroner's Inquest Files

Inquest papers include verdicts of the coroner's jury on the cause of death, transcripts of testimony given at the inquest, correspondence relating to the case, and copies of subpoenas, accident reports, death certificates, and photographs. Coroner's death certificates show the name, race, residence, occupation, and marital status of the deceased; the place and date of burial; and the cause of death.

Coroner's Inquest Index

Record shows the name of the deceased, the date of the inquest, and the file number.

Coroner's Inquest Record

Record shows the date and location of the coroner's inquest; the name, residence, and occupation of the deceased; the names of the jurors; the names, residences, and occupations of the witnesses; the testimony of the witnesses about the circumstances of the death; a description of the deceased; the jury's verdict on the cause of death; and acknowledgment by the coroner.

Coroner's Jury Verdicts

Verdicts give the date of the inquest, the name of the deceased, the date of death, and a verdict on the cause of death, signed by the foreman and members of the jury.

Time Book and Payroll Record

Record shows the names of employees, the number of days worked by each, the amount paid to each, and the check number.