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County Mine Inspector

The office of county mine inspector was created by the General Assembly in 1872. Mine inspectors oversaw the health and safety of Illinois coal miners, and were authorized to inspect any coal mine. Inspectors were also required to investigate all coal mine explosions and accidents; to collect specified information on county coal mines for the Illinois State Geologist; and to collect maps and plans of all coal mines in their counties. From 1872, this office was filled by the county surveyors on an ex officio basis.1 From 1877 to 1899 county mine inspectors were appointed by county boards for one-year terms. County boards were required to hire experienced miners for the position, and could reappoint the incumbents. Only counties with mines were required to appoint county mine inspectors.2

In 1899 a new mining code transferred mine inspection duties to the state district mine inspectors. The district inspectors were authorized to order the county boards to hire county inspectors, who served, when appointed, as assistants to the state inspectors. The state inspectors were authorized to deputize their authority to the county inspectors, at their own discretion.3 In 1953 the county mine inspectors were required to report monthly to the state inspectors.4 The office of county mine inspector was abolished in 1967.5

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